MDCamp AMP HTML Blogger Template 2018

MDCamp AMP HTML Blogger Template 2018

Do You want to Make Your Blogger AMP Friendly? Then You Need Best AMP Blogger Template with high-speed loading.AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a free open source project to render web page fast on a mobile device. For many reasons, maybe your Blogger / Blogspot mobile web page is a slow and frustrating experience. You Can Download amp blogger Template for free

MDCamp is a Blogger Valid Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) template. As explained by Google that AMP HTML or Accelerated Mobile Pages HTML is a web structure that minimizes the use of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. The vision of AMP HTML is that webmasters can design web pages that are fast loading, without much JS or other influence. AMP HTML prioritizes Mobile Web users.

The feature of AMP Blogger Template

1. Responsive
2. Valid AMP HTML
3. Fast Loading 100%
4. Modern Blog
5. Personal Blog
6. Search
7. Social Media
8. Share Post
9. Related Post
9. Comment Disqus
10. More

amp template


AMP Friendly Post Format


<div data-amp-style="text-align: left;" dir="ltr">
Pellentesque vitae lectus in mauris sollicitudin ornare sit amet eget ligula. Donec pharetra, arcu eu consectetur semper, est nulla sodales risus, vel efficitur orci justo quis tellus. Phasellus sit amet est pharetra, sodales ipsum et, sodales urna. In massa nisi, faucibus id egestas eu, fringilla sit amet velit. Integer vel dui eget lacus fermentum ornare ac at nisl. Cras justo urna, lacinia vel massa at, tincidunt posuere lectus. Nulla pretium ultrices velit ut malesuada. In arcu sem, elementum at nunc eu, ullamcorper bibendum lorem. Quisque rhoncus lacinia volutpat. Mauris tempus enim ornare neque rutrum mollis. Sed faucibus laoreet malesuada. Nam est enim, vulputate id porta id, maximus sagittis nulla.
<br />
This is Heading 2</h2>
Type your Heading 2 Text here.</div>
This is Heading 3</h3>
Type your Heading 3 Text here.</div>
This is Heading 4</h4>
Type your Heading 4 Text here</div>
<noscript><img alt='Featured Image alt text here' src='#FEATURED_IMAGE_URL_HERE'/></noscript>

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