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How to Remove Article URLs from Google Index

How to remove article URLs from Google Index? It is true that one of the blogging activities is to write and publish an article, but the purpose of deleting articles here is to follow up after selecting which articles should be deleted.

Remove Article URLs from Google Index

Maybe there are some of our posts that at the beginning of blogging were not very good quality, or there were some posts that we deleted but still often appeared on search engines. This really does not have a good effect on the development of the blog. For this reason, if you experience both of the things above, you can apply this method.

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Deleting Articles in the Google Search Console

To delete an article and not appear again in the search engine the first step is to choose or specify which article we want to delete, after determining the article chosen to be deleted, the next step is to open the Search Console. After being in the Search Console, the next step clicks on the Google Index menu and continue by selecting Delete URL.

Then you just add the article URL to be deleted into the box provided, then click Continue after that click Send request and complete.

This method is also proven to update the 404 error problem when the crawling engine or google bot cannot find the contents of the article content in question.

Thus How To Remove Article URLs from Google Index, may be useful for all of you.

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