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How to disable comments on Blogger?

How to disable comments on Blogger? – Active links to comments on blogs can have a negative impact on blog owners, there is also a sense of anxiety if the blog you build is filled with active link backlinks from visitors, as active blog owners, you should always check the link on the comment that is still active or has been damaged or broken, broken links certainly greatly reduce performance and also in the google search engine its popularity is poor.

disable comments on Blogger
disable comments on Blogger

To maintain the SEO and blog, you can just delete the active link one by one, now basically the tutorial this time I will share JavaScript code that can change the active link in the comment to be text only. 

Okay if you just interested in how to do it, friend …

How to Eliminate Active Comments on Blogs

First, you first enter Blogger> Themes> Edit HTML copy of the JavaScript code below and paste it right above the code </body>or &lt;/body&gt;


<script type='text/javascript'>
$(function() {
$('#comments p').find('a').contents().unwrap();

If you have click save on your template … 

Remember that there is no broken link on your blog, it will reduce the popularity of Google SE’s eyes. 


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