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How To Choose A Web Hosting Service in 2019

When you build a web or blog, one of the things that need more attention is about hosting.


The ease of cyberspace users to access information is very dependent on the smooth performance of their hosting. Currently, hosting providers that offer services to you are very large in number. Therefore we need to be observant and painstaking in choosing Web hosting.

As a lay blogger, certainly choosing to host is not an easy matter. Many considerations that you have to do in choosing to host, especially in choosing the cloud hosting provider. Web Hosting itself is a service or storage facility or server that is connected to many other servers through the internet network.

If you want to have a quality web or blog, the selection of the best and quality Web Hosting must be considered properly, starting from service, price, to the quality of the hosting itself.

To overcome this problem, there are some tips from Blogger Funda about how to choose quality hosting.

How to Choose Quality Web Hosting


Server Reliability Uptime Score

Nothing is more important than the best hosting services that are always on 24/7. You can see the best hosting server through its up and running system. If the Web Hosting has a value above 99.5%, it is highly recommended for you to use, but if the value is still below 99%, then the best advice is not to use the hosting.

Multi Add Domain

Currently, there are many domains that you can use. As a service user, of course, you can have more than one domain at this time. It is recorded that almost 80% of bloggers use more than 5 different domains and only 20% of them have not used more than 5 domains. If you want to have the best site, then choosing a multi-domain Web Hosting is very important for you to do.

Storage Capacity

For the next step, you can do to choose the best cloud hosting provider you can see from the storage facilities they provide. Storage capacity for a site is indeed very influential. There are times when a web that you have requires a large capacity to display all profiles in it. Therefore you can choose a provider of Web Hosting providers that provide large storage capacity.


Price is often a consideration in itself. Expensive prices do not necessarily provide the best quality. So for the selection of Web Hosting, please choose the price of hosting that is suitable for your needs. There are times when there are so many hosting providers that provide cheap prices at the beginning, but after doing an extension of the cost it will rise dramatically.

Choosing Hosting Services for WordPress


Hosting Service for WordPress is very important when you will start publishing a site or blog. Do not let the origin choose the WordPress Hosting service, because if you choose incorrectly, it will affect the performance and crawl process of your site or blog.

Currently there are many Hosting service providers that provide specifically for WordPress called WordPress Hosting. If you use the WordPress Hosting service, when you first order and hosting is active, WordPress is automatically installed and ready to use without having to bother installing WordPress.

Recommended Hosting Services for WordPress

Here I suggest one of the providers of WordPress Hosting from Niagahoster. Niagahoster is a hosting service provider in Indonesia with access to cPanel and servers located in Indonesia. Niagahoster uses a highly sophisticated and modern Tier-4 certified Data Center from DCI Indonesia. DCI is a Tier-4 certified international standard data center & is part of Equinix the world’s best and highest quality data center provider with guaranteed 99,999% uptime.

With servers located in Indonesia, this will be very suitable if the website is targeted at local users. Because access to the website will feel faster. But that does not mean this is not suitable for International targets, because Niagahoster uses a very sophisticated and modern data center as described above, then Niagahoster is also suitable for both Local and International targeting. Coupled with the support of CloudFlare in it.

There are several benefits that you can get if you use WordPress Hosting from Niagahoster, including:

  • Free Domain Forever
  • SSL Grade A ++
  • Free SSL / HTTPS for your security & SEO
  • HTTP / 2 for your SEO
  • 24/7 Support and many more

As for Additional features such as:

  • Automatic Data Backup: Prevents the risk of losing data.
  • Free Transfer: Help migrate WordPress hosting.
  • SSD for MySQL & Cache: Database performance and website caching are more optimal.
  • Apache + LiteSpeed API: Load WordPress faster and lighter.
  • CloudLinux: With LVE technology to maintain server stability.
  • CageFS Security: Optimal security to protect your hosting account.
  • Multiple PHP Version: Support for PHP 5.2 to PHP 7 version.

Those are some of the ways to choose Quality Web Hosting from Namina that you can use to improve your website and blog to be better and professional.

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