CTR Booster Blogger Template (High CTR)

CTR Booster Blogger Template High CTR

CTR Booster Blogger Template. Template design is one of the factors that affect the high and low CTR, if we want to get more results from the ads installed in the blog, it would be better if we also pay attention to the Click Through Rate. From the analysis that I often get, it is said that he said the template commonly called “High CTR” has several criteria, what are those?

Minimalist template, has a width of not more than 900px, white dominance is not a striking color, there is an area of widgets other than the sidebar for ad slots, has a 160-250px wide sidebar, has a capable loading speed, the design looks neat and clean. Those are some criteria that you can make as a guide in choosing a High CTR template, then where can you find such templates? Obviously only here for FREE!

Introducing the latest “CTR Booster Blogger Template” template made by Mas Agam adapted from the Pink Steady Blogger Template. The template is clearly minimalist, has a width (max-width) of 760px, the dominance of white (black and blue only for complement), has a sidebar with a width of 160px, Regarding speed do not ask (just check the parent is amazing faster), the design is neat and clean … must!

A. Speed Results on GTMetrix (3 Installed Ad Units)

Google Testing Tool ValidatorTrue
SEO FriendlyTrue
Mobile FriendlyTrue
Dynamic HeadingTrue
Valid Schema.orgTrue
High CTRTrue
Personal BlogTrue
2 ColumnTrue
Auto Read More with ThumbnailTrue
Responsive Ad SlotTrue
Search BoxTrue
Social Share ButtonTrue
Responsive Sticky NavigationTrue
Back to Top ButtonTrue
Unlimited Page NumberedTrue
C. License and Usage
You are free to use this template, but please do not buy it. Credit links really can be deleted without javascript or anything like that so as not to interfere with the speed of the template and you have the right to delete it. But if you are heartened and do not intend to delete it, I thank you for appreciating my work.

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