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How to Create Adsense Link Ads Units with Many Keys

Create Adsense Link Ads Units
Create Adsense Link Ads Units

How You Can Create Adsense Link Ads With Many Buttons or Link Ads to be more than that provided by Adsense? When we have a blog and have been accepted as an Adsense publisher, then the desire and desire to earn money from blogs that have been installed Adsense ads will definitely be exciting.

The way to optimize income or earnings is to do various kinds of experiments, such as replacing the type of ad unit used and placing the ad unit. 

The type of Adsense ads in the form of Link Link can be said to be effective enough to attract clicks from visitors. The use of Link Link Ad units turned out to make a drastic change to CTR ( Click Through Rate ) which rose because ad units in the form of link links invited many clicks, but the Adsense ad unit in the form of a link also affected the decline in CPC ( Cost Per Click )

However, you don’t need to worry about decreasing the value of CPC caused by this Adsense link ad. Because according to personal experience, the decline in the value of CPC caused by button-shaped ad units only occurs up to one to two months after you use the link ad unit. 

If previously you have used and installed the Adsense link ad unit on the blog, then to change the appearance of the link link ad unit to be stacked ( 5 rows and 2 columns ) is to use CSS help. Because by default, the adsense link ad unit will appear in horizontal form with 2 columns and only 2 rows of buttons ( if stored in the post) With this default display, the buttons that appear only have 4 buttons. And on the mobile / HP display, it will only be 2 buttons. 

Does the Adsense Link Ads Advertise with Many These buttons violate the adsense policy? Of course not . 

Then how do you create adsense link ads with lots of buttons or stack up to 5 blocks ( 10 buttons )? Please refer to the following short tutorial:

How to Create Link Ads with Many Keys

Make sure you have made the adsense ad unit in the form of a link, if not, please create a link ad unit first.

How to Create an Adsense Link / Adsense Link Unit

  1. Log in to your Google Adsense account
  2. On the Home / Adsense Dashboard , click My ads – Select Ad units – Then click the + New ad unit button.
  3. On the New ad unit page, select Text & display ads
  4. At maker Ad unit – Name please fill in the name Unit buddy who wants to use – then the Ad size, please select the link ads or ad link ( if my friend uses Indonesian ) and Select Responsive Link .
  5. If so, then select Save and Get Code .
  6. Copy the code displayed.

After making the ad link adsense ad unit with the steps above, then it is to make the ad link the link link become a button or stack up to 5 lines.

How To Create Link Ad Units Become 5 Row Composite

Log in to Blogger – Template – Edit HTML and place the following CSS before the code ]]></b:skin>or</style>

.adslink {width: 100%; height: 250px;}

Then add the class adslink to the link ad code, it will be as follows

<ins class = "adsbygoogle adslink
style =" display: block " 
data-ad-client =" ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx " 
data-ad-slot =" xxxxxxxxxx " 
data-ad-format =" link " 
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []). push ({});
</ script>

Finally, please place the ad code for the link / Adsense link that you have modified after the code.<data:post.body/> If you use some code in your template,<data:post.body/> please put your ad code link / Adsense link that has been modified after the <data:post.body/>last code or you can try it one by one.

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