How to Easily Increase Blog Traffic

Every blogger wants his blog to be crowded with people. There are many ways you can do to get a lot of blog traffic. Both free and paid.

Easily Increase Blog Traffic
Easily Increase Blog Traffic
Some web owners or bloggers in order to get traffic/visitors in large numbers are willing to spend time on blog walking.

This sometimes feels saturating and you must have a strong spirit to be able to do it regularly.

But there are also other ways that can be done other than by blog walking.

How to Easily Increase Blog Traffic

How do you increase traffic or blog visitors quickly? Below will be explained some tips that can be taken to get visitors to your website or blog. Here are 5 tips that you can use.

1. Create Quality Articles

The first tip that can be done to obtain large amounts of traffic is to create quality articles.

That is, the articles are self-made (not copy paste), and as much as possible make writing that is needed by many people and can be helpful and useful. Besides that, it is better to make articles with quite long content.

Then, how do you make articles that are sought after by people? 

You can do this by looking at several blogs that are suitable for your blog's niche. Then, look at the popular post widget if there is one. If it's not there, you can also see the articles and search for those who have many comments in them.

If you have found it, make an article on your blog with a similar topic.

Other ways can be with help Google Trend. There you can see the hot news that many people are looking for on a certain date according to the language chosen.

For better results, make a large number of articles and regularly update your blog.

By containing quality articles, visitors will think of returning to visit your blog or website later.

Is this enough? Certainly not. If you already have many quality articles, but after doing nothing, the blog will still be empty of visitors.

Well, the next step that can be done can be seen in the next tips.

2. Apply SEO Techniques Correctly

One of the best ways to increase web traffic is to run the right SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

Many SEO techniques can be learned and applied to your blog. But no less important is quality articles as explained in the first point above.

Also regularly update the latest SEO tips so you can continue to optimize properly. Google, for example, has replaced the search engine algorithm several times to maximize its search results.

If you succeed in optimizing web SEO well then the chances of being in the top 10 search engines will be even greater. That way, visitors will also increasingly flood your web pages.

But remember, you must be diligent in updating your blog by writing regularly. Because with a small amount of writing, visitors from search engines will also be a little bit. Conversely, if more and more writing is made then visitors will increase.

3. Share Articles to Social Networking Sites

In addition to doing search engine optimization, another way to find visitors is to share (share) posts to social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and much more.

Articles can be shared not only by you, but also by readers with a record of having a social networking account. For convenience, install the share button in each article.

The more you share your article via the share button, the more traffic you can get from the social media sites in question.

To maximize visitors from social media, create an account or a special page for your blog. On that page, you can form a community by displaying the url to your blog.

If the community or the number of followers is getting bigger, then you share the article to the page, so your chance to get visitors from social networks is also getting bigger.

4. Installing Ads

This method is also done by many people because it is quite instant in getting visitors.

It's just that to put an ad you have to pay to the web owner. If you want to advertise on more sites, the budget that you have to spend will also increase.

Even though there is also a place to place ads that are free, such as classified ad sites. However, visitors who are obtained are certainly not as optimal as paid advertising.

If you want to place a paid ad, pay attention to the amount of web traffic where the ad will be installed. The greater the traffic or visitors, the more visitors can be obtained through the web.

In addition to ordering from web owners, you can also order advertisements to Pay Per Click (PPC) sites. The payment method is based on the number of clicks on the ad.

Users who register on PPC sites consist of two types, namely advertisers (advertisers) and publishers (advertisers).

On this site, you must register as an advertiser to be able to advertise. While the publisher is the owner of a blog or website that will display advertisements that have been ordered to the PPC site on the website they have.

So here your ad will appear on many websites.

PPC sites that are widely used today to advertise are one of the services from Google, namely Google AdWords. If you order on Google Adwords, your advertisement will not only appear on the publisher's website but also on the Google search page if it matches the keyword being searched.

5. Blogwalking

Blogwalking is the activity of visiting other people's blogs, then leaving a trace or comment. With blogwalking, you will usually feel the impact quickly. However, this method has disadvantages, namely the temporary nature.

Blogwalking is a good way to start looking for blog traffic. Because besides being able to get visitors quickly, you will also show interactions with other bloggers. This can be an opportunity to get acquaintances with fellow bloggers, especially if the blog you visit has the same topic as your blog.

This method is directly proportional to whether you are diligent or not. That is, if you want to get a large number of visitors by blogwalking, you must also do it diligently.

When blogwalking leave the blog url where you did it.

If you comment you should not do it carelessly but according to the content of the article you are reading.

That's How to Easily Increase Blog Visitors. To be able to receive maximum results, do the above methods consistently. First of all this time writing. Maybe useful.