Real Play is a new smartphone For 100$ Only

For display of Rs. 10000, it's a new smartphone realme 2 launched in India-technology

New York: BBK's latest brand, Bright Realm, launched its second studio phone, Realty 2, in India. Two months earlier, it was through Amazon that the first model, Realm 1, was released. Realty 2 was a much-anticipated model after Real Estate 1.Realty, who was released as Sub O'Brien, became a free company. Vice President Sleeve Li resigned as part of this. Skype now has Real Madrid's global CEO.
This time it is sold in the flip car instead of the Amazon. One of the most important changes was the use of a Snapdragon processor to replace a MediaTek processor. The main feature of the Realm 2 that has been released on the tagline "Enoch above" is its dislike playing. The 4230 mAh battery and the dual rear camera make the budget smartphone more efficient.

Realty 2 episodes Realism 2 is a 6.2 inch HD display and touch play. The 88% screenshot comes in the Body Rashmi and the first fullwidth of the phone is below Rs 2,000. The 4230 mAh battery is in for two days. Fingerprinter is different from the Realms 1. The specialty of the Realm 2 is a 13-inch 2-megapixel dual rear camera, an 8-megapixel front camera and a Snapdragon 450 processor with AAA. Realism 2 match with Red Me 5 in Shamo's Budget Series.
The phone is the color OS 5.1 operating system which has an 8.1-inch version. Another interesting attraction is the Diamond Cut design. The new model is priced at Rs 8990 / GB + 3 GB and 4 GB 64 GB model. Realty 1 to conquer the market-In terms of low priced features, Realty 1 sold 5 lake phones in a short time.

The main attraction was the Media Teil Heli P60 processor, which is currently based on the Realm 1 in the best cellular category in the Amazon. With its six-inch 18: 9 full HD display, better camera, and faster phase unlock, Realm released their first avatar. Apart from the first model, the features of the FULLY PRIMARY AND Dual Camera will be much less than the previous model. Realty 2 is the top player in the display, performance, and performance of realty 1 in front of cameras, fingerprint, view dislike, and design.