How to Add Custom Ads.Txt File in Blogger? | Ads txt Example

How to Add Custom Ads.Txt File in Blogger? | Ads txt Example

How to Add Custom Ads.Txt File in Blogger - Now bloggers have supported or supported the use of ads.txt on bloggers. Ads.txt is a new feature on the blogger dashboard that has just been launched on January 31, 2018. With this feature, some Google AdSense publishers or publishers experience errors in their Adsense account notification as below.

How to Activate Ads.txt on Blogger

"Earning at risk - one or more of your ads. Txt file does not contain your AdSense Publisher ID. Fix this now to avoid severe impact on your revenue."

"Your income is at risk - One or more of your ads.txt files don't containAdsensee publisher IDs. Fix this problem right now to avoid a serious impact on your income."

From the message above we can see that this is a serious problem that we need to overcome or correct as quickly as possible because it can be risky to your income.

Ads.txt actually has been around since 2017, but some bloggers from all over the world gave the developers from Blogger to add this feature to the blogger dashboard because the use of the ads.txt file must be saved in the root domain or the same root domain as a robots.txt file.

Unlike WordPress by using self-hosting or hosting itself, we can easily upload the ads.txt file into the root of our domain by logging in via panel, but unlike Blogspot, we do not have access rights to the hosting or admin panel so that all bloggers in the world give input to add this ads.txt feature to the blogger dashboard.

Many people wonder about ads.txt like this, what is ads.txt how does it work? How can publishers and advertisers get more profits with Ads.txt for ad revenue? Do I need to set up ads.txt on my site? How do I implement Ads.txt on a WordPress / Blogger site? What is the ads.txt file format? What are the effects of ads.txt on Google? How do buyers use ads.txt to verify who has the right to sell? How to protect your premium inventory with "Ads.txt" ?. Let's take a complete look at the discussion and how to apply it below.

What is Ads.txt?

Authorized Digital Sellers or ads.txt are programs designed by IAB that are intended to reduce fraud in ad inventory. This solution is specifically designed to fight domain spoofing, usually, buyers can check whether the seller is a legitimate and certified inventory source. This will stop scammers from making money in the digital market by blocking illegal inventory sales.

Ads.txt is an approved text file that lists all trusted ad networks to sell inventory. The aim is to increase transparency between advertisers and publishers.

Do You Need to Use Ads.txt?

Using ads.txt is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended to use it because this ads.txt file can help buyers identify counterfeit inventory and help you receive more advertiser purchases which in other cases might lead to fake inventory.

How do you activate Ads.txt on Blogger?

1. Go to
2. Then go to Settings > Search preferences > Monetization > custom ads.txt > click edit > Activate custom ads.txt content? > select Yes

Then enter the code below, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Change pub-0000000000000000with your Google Adsense account publisher ID. 

4. Then click Save changes 

5. Please check whether the ads.txt file is installed by visiting

Please change www.yoursite.comwith your domain.

How Do You Know the AdSense Publisher ID?

1. Sign in to AdSense yours 
2. Go to the Settings > Account information
Well, for those of you who get notifications or warnings on your AdSense account that your income is at risk because you haven't activated ads.txt on blogger, please apply this tutorial on your blog to resolve the problem. This is also the cause of AdSense ads not appearing or not appearing on the blog because crawlers or robots google Adsense require verification to display ads on your blog by activating the ads.txt file on your blog.

That is a brief explanation of how to activate ads.txt in blogger if there are things that are not understood please comment below if there is the time I will help. Maybe useful.