Fasteroid Blogger Templates, Blogspot Templates 2018

Fasteroid Blogger Templates, Blogspot Templates 2018

Are you confused about finding a blog template to use? Fasteroid blogger template has been present, with a relatively small size and fast loading speed, visitors will feel at home from page to page of your blog, this is also very influential on CTR and SEO. Fasteroid is Best Blogger Html Template

Faster Blogspot Templates 2018

Initially this template was created for my friends who wanted to learn to blog, but because of their busy working in the real world, finally, this template was not used. So I shared it with friends. Maybe a few days or weeks later I will also use it.
Fasteroid Blogger Templates

Fast Loading, 
SEO Optimized, 
Social Media Share, 
Auto Readmore, 
Back to Top, 
and many more.

Template Configuration: Meta
<meta content = 'Blog Description' name = 'description' />
<meta content = 'Blog Keyword' name = 'keywords' />
Please change Blog Description with Blog Description, and replace Blog Keyword with the keyword of your blog.
<link href = 'https: //' rel = 'author' />
Change with your Google+ ID.

License and Usage:
You can share it with friends, relatives or anyone because this template is distributed free of charge by Agam Nur Pratama, it is forbidden to trade and thank you for not removing the credit footer, that means you have appreciated me.
If you intend to use it, please download directly. If you have questions or just say thank you, please comment. Maybe useful